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When William & Mary graduate, Samantha Richardson, is offered a job teaching kindergarten in Spotsylvania County, she decides it's the route to take.  At least for the first four years of her career, until she marries her college sweetheart, David, and follows him where the USAF has stationed him in Georgia. Now she adjusts to a new town as a newlywed.  Determined to give her students the most enjoyable and productive first year of school, Richardson follows in the footsteps of one Mrs. Frizzle, taking chances, making mistakes and getting messy. This blog tracks the daily happenings in a kindergarten class for a hardworking young woman and explores how her methods impact her unique, wild, lovable students.


Series cast summary:

Mrs. Richardson

Samantha Richardson is a Kindergarten teacher at Shirley Hills Elementary School in Houston County, Georgia. She is addicted to coffee, popcorn and frozen yogurt. She enjoys hiking, photography and dancing.  She is perhaps best known for her position at Spotswood Elementary in Virginia, for which she won the title of New Teacher of the Year in 2011. She was the recipient of four grants funded by donorschoose.org and one IDEA grant, funded by the Spotsylvania Education Foundation.  She is also a part-time fitness instructor for Zumba and Group Power.

David Richardson

David Richardson is a Captain in the United States Air Force and is currently stationed at Robins AFB, Georgia.  He has many of the same interests as Mrs. Richardson with the addition of planes and cars. He is one of the smartest people Mrs. Richardson knows. He is best known for his role as husband (!) since June 2014, but has dated Mrs. Richardson since 2007.

Becca Smith

Becca Smith is a Kindergarten teacher at Spotswood Elementary.  She was mentored by Mrs. Richardson in 2012 when she came to the school. She is best known for her role as BFF.

Mom (Madre)

Anita Francis is both a former Army officer and former 4th grade teacher at Spotswood Elementary. She is best known for her role as mother, psychiatrist, friend, caretaker and chef.

Dad (Padre)

Tom Francis is a retired Army officer and is listed in the dictionary under "hardworking."  If we included his entire job description now we'd all be yawning by the end of it.  He is best known for his role as father, financial advisor and mentor.


Mandy David is a superstar who will always outshine Mrs. Richardson in terms of intelligence and success. She has some real legitimate job that's way over our head. She is best known for her role as sister, friend and style mentor.


Ed David is an officer in the United States Navy and is married to Mandy. He is best known for his role as brother-in-law, chef and party planner.


Rebecca Francis is a salon director for Sun Tan City.  She is best known for her role as sister and Cameron's mom.


Cameron Francis is a third grade student.  He is good at making jokes, coming up with really fun road games and making connections you didn't even think to.  He is best known for his role as nephew.

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